About Us

George Estrada – Studio Director


 George’s dream has always been to inspire and motivate people all over the world through the art form of dance. He feels such joy whenever he dances and sharing that passion with people is a blessing. George started dancing at a young age, inspired by the movie ‘Dance With Me,’ and music artist Janet Jackson. He fell in love with learning dance, everything from Jazz and Ballet to Hip Hop. He started Salsa dancing when he was a young adult. Although he was a Hip Hop superstar in his own right, like most men at the club, he was very shy when it came to partnership dancing. After many weeks of going and being a wallflower, he finally dipped in to the Hot, Spicy Salsa. He was a natural!  Since then he has never looked back. Although Salsa was his first love, George is now a certified Dance Instructor in both American style Smooth and Rhythm. Join him and his staff and be part of the wonderful passion they have at MOVE Dance Center.



  • Worked For Arthur Murray for 15 Years
  • Tournament of Champions; Top Counselor 2007,2009, 2010, 2013, 2014; Top Overall Teacher 2005; Top Executive 2011 All Star Top Counselor 2008, 2009
  • New Student Challenge; Top Counselor 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013; Top Specialist 2010 International Dance Festival; Top Executive 2011, 2013; Top Teacher 2005, 2006
  • Star Performance Awards 2005, 2006, 2011 Hawaii Dance-O-Rama; Salsa Finalist 2012 San Francisco Dance -O-Rama; Salsa Finalist 2007 New Orleans Dance-Rama; West Coast Swing 3rd Place 2006 Las Vegas Dance-O-Rama; Smooth Semi-Finalist 2009
  • Salsa Semi-Finalist 2012 Dance Sport City Lights Ball; Professional American Rhythm Finalist 2013
  • Open Professional Salsa Champion at Banff Dance-O-Rama 2015
  • (323)999-1104

Dilare Erkin – Instructor



 Dilare is an Award winning Professional Dancer with exceptional skills and strong work ethics Dilare Skilled in the design of advanced choreography and personal training techniques that increase aerobic fitness levels, flexibility, and the overall well-being of clients.



  • 2nd Place Blackpool Dance Festival,UK Latin Dance Team 2010
  • Latin Finalist, Asian Open Dancesport Hong Kong, China 2009
  • Latin Finalist WDC DanceSport Championship Shenghei, China 2006

Celia Weiss – Instructor


 Celia grew up in a small town, where social dancing was a way to have fun with your neighbors. Since the age of 10 she was part of the local Contra Dance and historical dance scene in New England and performed in various theatre productions and renaissance fairs. Celia later moved to Los Angeles and became captivated with the Swing Dance scene centered around the Los Feliz Derby. Developing an interest in Ballroom Dance and other social dances, she entered a rigorous Teacher Training Program. Teaching, performing and Coaching Ballroom are her main focuses. Celia loves teaching beginners and introducing them to joy and confidence in life through social dance. She also constantly takes workshops and classes to improve her own skills and understanding of this amazing art form. Teaching Ballroom dance, Yoga, Aerobics and various forms of fitness classes is what she enjoys. Celia Can’t wait to become your teacher!!


Kristen Mendez – Instructor/Receptionist


 Kristen is one of the talented dancers trained by George. She has a natural act of teaching and knows how to guide those newcomer students and wedding couples!! Kristen is also pursuing her career in human resources and she is dancing away as she finishes school.


Shaylynn MacFarland – Instructor


 Shaylynn “Shape” will be teaching Tutting and Animation classes. She found a knack and love for this intricate style of dancing almost out of thin air. You’ll be surprised by how much she can move her body!